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Anita's Dapur

Matte Blue Set

Regular price RM37.90 MYR
Regular price Sale price RM37.90 MYR

Design: Matte
Suitable for household usage
Bring a sense of ceremony to your life with this modern design ceramic kitchenware.
Material: Ceramic

Set 1: 

  • 4.5-inch Bowl 2pcs
  • 8-inch Plate 2pcs

Total: 4pcs (refer photo) 

Set 2 pax: 

  • 3.7-inch Plate 2pcs
  •  8-inch Plate 2pcs
  • 10-inch Plate 2pcs
  • 12-inch Plate 1pcs
  • 6-inch Bowl 2pcs
  • 8-inch Bowl 1pcs
  • Small Spoon 2pcs 

Total: 12pcs (refer photo) 

Set 6 pax: 

  • 3.7-inch Plate 6pcs
  •  8-inch Plate 3pcs
  • 10-inch Plate 6pcs
  • 12-inch Plate 1pcs
  • 6-inch Bowl 4pcs
  • 8-inch Bowl 1pcs
  • Small Spoon 6pcs 
  • Big Spoon 1pcs

Total: 28pcs (refer photo) 


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